Vintage Travel 4 page Passport

Vintage Map Passport

I really do love this passport design. It might be my favorite. I created this for a client’s daughter name Isabelle. She wanted it to be girly, but not kiddish. I revamped it with our lovely little model London!


The cover is printed on natural brown paper;however, the inside is printed on white gloss paper to make it pop. Nevertheless, the inside paper can be printed on white matte paper if you prefer.

Vintage Map Passport 2

I am in love with this Envelope liner. I think every design I do will have an option for an envelope liner. We also offer the envelope in natural brown.

Vintage Map Passport 4

I love the Thank You Postcard!Vintage Map Passport 3

This invitation is perfect for a travel themed birthday party. It’s sweet and simple.

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