About Me

IMG_1868Hello my name is Valencia Cheatham. I live in New Orleans. I am married to the most wonderful man,  Alden Cheatham Sr. We have the most amazing son, Alden Jr.

How did I become an event planner?

We were in the process of planning Jr.’s first birthday party. We were so excited. We started planning when he made 6 months. His favorite show at the time was Sesame Street. Elmo, of course, was his favorite. We decided to do a Sunny Day themed Sesame Street party. We enjoyed making every detail in the party. We created his invitations and all the paper products that went along with the party theme. The invitations were a hit with everyone who received them. They were different and simple. They weren’t your typical Sesame Street invitations. Also, We created all of the party favors. We also came up with all the design concepts. We had a picture background and played games. We did a candy table and made all the food. We were exhausted to say the least. However, two great things came from his birthday party: Aj was happy, and we became event planners. We got two event planning and invitation jobs just from his party. We have been on the roll, and we don’t plan on stopping. So basically, we became event planners, completely by accident. What a wonderful accident?







Random facts about Valencia Cheatham

  • I am real girly girl when I want to be. However, I’m mostly nature girl. I walk around barefoot
  •  I love making something out of nothing
  • One of my favorite colors is gold
  • I have a degree in government w a minor in criminal justice
  • I wear my heart on my sleeve, but I will act like I don’t. I guess that’s the Aquarius in me
  • I live to be surround around beauty
  • I love to create beauty
  • I love thrifting
  • I love vintage anything
  • You will probably catch me wearing a dress
  • Styling events and invitations give me a chance to be free
  • I’m a people person
  • I love to talk and get to know you. You know, the real you, so don’t be surprised if we become friends somewhere in the process of planning. It’s the nature of the job


I love to write, but I’m not perfect. I want to APOLOGIZE in advance for all the misspellings and grammar issues you will come across on this blog.  I’m a work in progess. I hope it doesn’t discourage you from reading my blog. :-)

Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns at v@ohhoneyevents.com


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