Flower 30th Birthday

I have been waiting for my 30th Golden Birthday since I learned about Golden Birthdays which was around the age of maybe 12, so I knew I had to do something for my birthday to celebrate me turning the age of my birth date ( 30th ) and starting a new decade. I was originally going to do “my favorite things party”, but as the party planning began, it started becoming more about flowers. I love flowers. I mean I really lurve flowers. It only made sense for me to have a flower themed party.

One thing I realize about myself is that I love the flow of connecting elements in designs. From the invitations to linens, It all should work together. With the limited amount of time, I had to put together this party. I really tried to put as many details I could.  As with all of our events, the party starts with the invitations:


These invitations were a challenge for me. I needed the invitations to be different, so I thought about doing wood invitations. However, I just couldn’t figure out how to make the wood work, so I researched for days trying to figure out how to make real wood invitations. It finally came together with the help of Alden, and I think we came up with the perfect invitation. The colors are so vibrant and flow so well with each other. These invitations just make me happy every time I see them.  They really set the tone for the dinner. My favorite detail may be the gold edge envelopes. Wait, it might be the vintage stamps… I’m going to just keep it real everything about this invitation is my favorite. I really do love this invitation. Special thanks to my honey for keeping me focused and for not letting me give up on this idea because it got a little challenging. Honestly, I definitely was going to throw in the towel on this invitation a couple of times, but he just wouldn’t let me.


The dark pink ribbon with the wood circle + the gold vinyl V just pulls the look all together. I’m so happy I went with the thin ribbon because it really mimics the thinness of the font.


I got the stamps from a little shop on Etsy called Treasure Fox. I really do love vintage stamps, so much so, I think, I decided to start collecting them, so I can find reason to send out postage.. I might make it part of our packaging for the Oh Honey Shop.


Let’s talk a little bit about that gold edge detail. Yep, your right it’s another favorite detail. It just made sense to add this detail. It really works well with the other gold accents through out the other decor details. You’ll see later in the post. Alden hand sprayed these envelopes, and he did such a great job. These envelopes will be available in the Oh Honey Shop.


Ahh at last Floral Lined Envelopes… Floral Design Printed on our Natural Brown Paper which of course is already available in the shop! Aren’t they kind of lovely?? I love love love it! These invitations were supposed to be glam, fun, unique and with a touches of rustic elements just like the decor ! I think we achieved that.

 I loved designing this party. I’m so happy to be sharing with you guys!


I love the gold rimmed charger plates which we created that mimic the gold edge on the envelopes. The natural brown chairs, wood cutlery, and wood flowers used as name cards added to the rustic elements. The wood flowers are another Etsy find which came from a shop called Company Forty Two. The name cards were created by me.



The different shades of pink came together so perfectly. Light Pink, dark pink and fuchsia.. such a dream combination.


The giant pink balloons with the vines hanging from it with dark pink flowers added was a delightful detail.


The smallest details that make me smile for days and days.


The decor came out to be Light & Airy. Just how I like it.


The cake with the fresh flowers were so pretty. It was so feminine. It made the cake smell that much better. The cake was made by Gambino’s Bakery. The flowers were added by yours truly! :-)

The glittered cake topper was created with the same font used on the invitation, and it will be available in Oh Honey Shop.


King cake is a tradition for my birthday. My grandma started this tradition and I don’t plan on ever stopping. She knew how much I loved king cake and every year for my birthday she would get me two king cakes ; one to bring to school and one to eat at home. I was always in king cake heaven thanks to my amazing grandma. My husband now picks up the tradition. Thank you grandmother for starting such a sweet tradition..


These candy apples were too cute with the bows and paper straws.


The gold foiled straws make me want to break out and do the cabbage patch.. They are so bright and cheery another favorite element!


Let’s talk flowers for a second.. I really LOVED these floral arrangements that I worked on at 4 o’ clock that morning. It was me coffee and episodes of Psych on Netflix that got me though the no sleep, but it was so worth it. Nevertheless,  The planter box designed by me and created by my boo turned out lovely. It  wasn’t originally supposed to be gold. It were supposed to be lightly stained, however, last minute decisions and this is the outcome and honestly, it really upgraded the color scheme in a major way.




I love doing floral arrangements, but this might be my favorite to date. The flowers all grouped together make such a beautiful statement and it reminds me of the invitations with the flowers all grouped together.


This table cloth.. Boy, I fell inLOVE with this table cloth over and over again.. Its so extremely pretty. It just give the party a elegant, yet playful feel.



& to think I was going to choose between the flower chandelier and the planter box, so happy that I decided to do both because it definitely worked out perfectly… Jasmine vines, Lillies, Roses..  Of course, Alden created this latter to hang the flowers and vines over the table. I love how it came out. It and the planter box will also be available in the Etsy Shop very soon just in case you were wondering . 😉



Party Hat! Flower party hat was created by my mom. She did a great job on it! It was girly and glittery and went perfectly with the party!

Party Hats will be available in the shop very soon! Wait on it..


Hello Gorgeous! Drink Station simple and cute!


Here’s me matching the sequins table cloth..

We decide to have a little impotu photshoot….here’s a few shoots..




Me and these cat ears.. lol I wasn’t going to wear them but I couldn’t resist. They are just me. Sometimes I just randomly wear them around the house.



Yes, I had 3o Golden candles on the cake! It couldn’t be golden 30 with out 30 golden candles!

This picture turned out beautiful. Shot out to my personal photographer Alden!

Many thanks to my business and life partner, Alden, for helping celebrate in a major way.

With you by my side, I look forward to many more parties and birthdays!

Thanks Mom for creating such a pretty party hat and always being a great person to brainstorm with and helping create those extra details that just take it to the next level!  Special thanks to Jazmine of Dulce Events for helping me setup, not sure if I would have gotten much done without your help. I look forward to working with you again in the future!! :-)


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