Hip Hop Themed Birthday Party

My boys had a hip hop themed birthday a couple of weeks ago! My oldest Alden, turned 4 and my youngest, Avery, turned 1. We decided to have a joint party for them because their birthdays are barely 2 weeks apart.

Our kids like most kids love to dance and sing. We really wanted a theme to reflect both of them. Alden loves to dance. Avery moves every time he hears a beat. He also loves to make beats and noise with anything he can get his hands on. Nevertheless,  we settled on the hip hop theme. I wanted it to be modern with an old skool feel.  I really wanted to make a play on RUN DMC. I know that there are really three members in RUN DMC, but that didn’t matter to us as much because the play on RUN DMC was mostly about using their branding. Their branding is so amazing that it is still so relevant today. They built such an amazing brand. It’s timeless, not many business let along rappers can build such a timeless brand. I wanted to capture that with my boys’ party. Both Alden and Avery have the same initials AJC, so it worked out perfectly. We choose fun bright colors blue, green, white, and red accents. We wanted it to feel like a concert in the park.

Photo Shoot

It always start with the photo shoot. Here are some shots:


I really want to say they were easy to work with, but then I would be lying. It was super hard to get a shoot of them smiling together or even get them to look at the camera together. However, I think the shots I did get were pretty epic, so that made it all worth it.


I really do love these kids. They are so much a like, yet so different!They love each so much. I love how close they are. I hope that they continue to grow their relationship for the rest of their lives because friends are great, but there is nothing like the bond between siblings. They will always be there for you no matter what. I’ve learned that over the years that friends come and go, but family will always be there NO MATTER what. Okay, I’m getting kinda sappy.. so I digress..

IMG_5467 - Copy IMG_5459IMG_5577

We found some amazing graffiti. It’s amazing how perfect this Hip Kid graffiti worked with the theme. We loved the colors in the graffiti.


We used the  image the above for the invitation. It worked perfectly! I love using pictures on invitations.



With the invitation, we made a play on a vinyl album . I really do LOVE this invitation. I love all the little details that went into this invitation that made it amaze balls. We used clear envelopes which adds to the album feel. It looks like the clear wrapping you get when you buy new albums. I wanted to send out a real CD that looked like a vinyl disc, but decided not to. We  decide to give them away as party favors as you will see later in the post.


All the party details were on the disc. This is by far one of my favorite invitations, but then again my favorites change daily.


We also did a digital flyer for our guest that we sent through text.

runajc Social Media Flyer


We had posters up of them and a banner for the kids to “tag”.


Dessert Table

The Dessert Table was really fun to make. We kept it pretty simple. We did Jello shots, cake pop mics, chocolate boomboxes, and cotton candy push pops!The cake was so good. The kids LOVED the cake pop mics which I made myself. I wanted everything on the dessert table to be FUN!


Food Station

The concert in the park carried over with the food station/ concession stand. We served pizza, corn dogs,  chips, salad, and fruit cups. We kept things pretty simple with the food.  I love the umbrella over the food stand. I wanted it to resemble a food cart at a park.  IMG_1238.CR2Alden and Avery's Birthday 2014-1269

Drink Station

Drink station was one of my favorite things to create. It was fun. I love the little mics on the cups with the red dot paper straws. We used this same drink stand  for AJ football party a couple of years ago.IMG_1241.CR2IMG_1243.CR2IMG_1214.CR2Alden and Avery's Birthday 2014-1273 Alden and Avery's Birthday 2014-1515

Party Favors

The kids got a lot of goodies. Glasses, VIP pass, mics + a mix disc with kid friendly songs. I didn’t anticipate how much the kids were going to love the VIP Passes. IMG_5778IMG_1190.CR2imageAlden and Avery's Birthday 2014-1595

Party Shots

The kids played and played and played. They played musical chairs, rocked MiC, Scratched some records, wrote on chalk table that we used at aj party last year, and “tagged” the birthday banner.IMG_1288.CR2

IMG_1318.CR2 Alden and Avery's Birthday 2014-1529IMG_1330.CR2 Alden and Avery's Birthday 2014-1155Alden and Avery's Birthday 2014-1565

Alden and Avery's Birthday 2014-1322 Alden and Avery's Birthday 2014-1395Alden and Avery's Birthday 2014-1477Alden and Avery's Birthday 2014-1255Alden and Avery's Birthday 2014-1458Alden and Avery's Birthday 2014-1496

One of our goals is to brand parties. We branded this party from the logo to the #runajc. I love the FACT that people really used the #. Here are a feel shots that our guest #runajc

.Kristi Patterson-Brown - Google Chrome 11212014 15301 PM.bmpKristi Patterson-Brown - Google Chrome 11212014 15750 PM.bmpValencia Cheatham - Google Chrome 11212014 15412 PM.bmpFacebook - Google Chrome 11212014 15612 PM.bmp

We had so much FUN. I can’t wait to plan next year’s party for my boys, 5 and 2. I’m thinking Circus/ Carnival Theme, but don’t hold me to that because it could always change. lol :-)

Thanks for reading,

Valencia C

What do you think about our hip hop party???  DO you have a favorite part?



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