King of the Jungle 3rd Birthday Party!

We celebrated our oldest,  Alden,  birthday on Oct. 27th. He made the big Four!  We just celebrated our youngest Avery,  birthday yesterday. He made the big One!  We threw a joint birthday party this past weekend. It was a hip hop theme!I can’t wait to share as soon as I get the pictures back from the photographer. Until then, here is Aj’s Lion themed birthday party from Last year. This is the first time we are sharing this party. I was pregnant with my son Avery at the time.

The inspiration for the party came  about because my son roars all day.I mean all day. It is so frequent that He has taught his little brother to roar. They now have us roaring. We’re a family who roars, and I’m pretty much proud of that. :-)

Because of his love to roar, we just had to have a lion party. It was only right. Nevertheless, He loved it. It was a simple party that didn’t cost much that we planned in a couple of weeks.

We never shared this party.However, I thought it would be a good party to share because it’s full of DIYs and simple crafts and inexpensive homemade and store brought items.

Photo Shoot:

 He was tired and uncooperative but he’s cute, so it worked. I love these shoots of my son. He is one of the cutest and funniest kids I know! He tells us that he wants to be an actor!I think he would be a fantastic actor because he is ALWAYS acting out scenes that he sees on TV.


IMG_2866.CR2 IMG_2865.CR2


{Photos were taken in City Park }

The Invitations:

The invitations came together, and they were too cute. I wanted to do a passport invitation with a rustic feel. They worked out great and tied in the themed perfectly.


The Dessert Table:

The dessert table was simple. Most of the treats were store brought. I made the bags that the animal crackers were in out of fabric scraps. I also made the flag banner on the cake, flags on the cupcakes and the mini pecan pies out of those same scraps.  My boo made the leafy canopy from leafs from our banana tree. The cake I got from Chris’s Bakery. The large lion figurine I got from Walmart that I used for the cake topper. I got the yogurt covered pretzels , cupcakes, pecan pies, mini donuts, and animal crackers from Walmart also.However, I got the white candy sticks and lollipop from Party City.



IMG_2999IMG_2957.CR2IMG_2958.CR2 IMG_2993IMG_2995

The Table Setup:

My boo made the chalkboard table for the kids to sit at. He also made the canopy to go over the kids table. I recovered some pillows with fabric craps. We brought paint cans from Lowe’s to hold the chalk. I got the lion figurines from Dollar Tree. I made the crowns out of lace from Hancock Fabrics which I spray painted gold.


Party Favors

I got the Lion  Ears + Tales  from the Dollar Tree! I added personalized name tags with twine.

IMG_3016 IMG_3024 IMG_3025


Drinks + Food!

We got Raisin Canes and made Salad + Fruit Cups!

IMG_3033 IMG_3040 IMG_3043 IMG_3045


Party TIme!



IMG_3141 IMG_3360

IMG_3234.CR2 IMG_3320 IMG_3332IMG_3288  IMG_3279The End!

 I really enjoyed this party! It was simple and pretty much stress free!

Tell me what you think! Did you like the party? Have done any of these DIYs?


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