Pregnant Ballerina Baby Shower

Everything in the universe has rhythm. Everything dances.
             —Maya Angelou


So my favorite cousin got pregnant! I had to throw the baby shower. She’s the sweetest person I know. She’s beautiful. I’m taking breath-taking beautiful. Not just in looks because that is obvious, but her true beauty is within. She is creative. She loves to sing, write, and dance. We had to create a baby shower that truly reflects her personality. My mom and my sister came up with the perfect theme- Ballerina. Once I got the vision, it became clear to do a pregnant ballerina shower. I saw so many ballerina parties and baby showers that were beautiful, but I never came across a pregnant ballerina baby shower.


The baby shower was a surprise until the final couple of weeks when I sent her the invitation. She helped a little by setting up Pinterest board and posting inspiration. I did get inspired from her post. She liked pink, white and silver, so I design the party around those colors. I really liked the way the colors came together.

The Invitation


It all started with the invitations. I really love this invitation. I wanted 3D and girly. I think I accomplished that. I added a pull out card that revealed the map and RSVP. It felt like a stage. Like the show was about to start once the card was removed. I added vintage postage stamps to envelopes which I adore. The ladies that I got the stamps from were amazing Etsy sellers.




Seating Tables + Centerpieces

I’m a big fan of white vases. I’m an even bigger fan of mixed vases. I feel it gives each table its own personality. I found a lot of the vases in my home. The rest I found doing my favorite pass time- thrifting! I wanted it to look kind of playful, but beautiful as if a Ballerina would have anyone of these flower arrangements in her dressing room before her show.



The Dessert Table

The dessert table was my favorite. It was so fun to see it go from concept to reality. My husband makes my dreams come true. I tell him my vision. I draw up a weird half baked drawing, and he takes it and makes magic, well, maybe not magic, but it sure feels like it!! I wanted a stage. He created the stage. We put lights at the top of the stage to really give it a real stage feel. I tried to loosely set a “scene” with the cake pop trees, pregnant ballerina, and sleeping baby ballerina.I wanted the table to be light, airy and girly. I wanted the table to be a replica of the invitation.





On to the Stationery: Game books, name tags, water bottle labels, Party favor tags, candy bar wrappers, etc..


Food Station

The Food Table was fun to style. We had all kinds of deliciousness going on on the food table: Po boys, Shrimp Pasta, Mini Egg rolls, Crawfish pies, etc..


Drink Station


The more I do events the more I realize how important it is to connect all the elements of the party to create great flow from beginning to end.

This baby shower was so fun to do, and I feel it reflected my cousin and her beautiful bundle ofjoy.


What do you think?? How did we do??

Vendor Credits

Party Styling: Oh Honey Events & Invitations

Invitations and all stationery: OhHoneyShop 

Photography Raws: Kapture Nola

Onesie Cookies + Pink and white cake pops: Rosa’s Cakes

Baby Cake Topper: Lil Sculpture

Pregnant Ballerina Vinyl: Davisvinyldesigns


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