Coco Chanel Inspired Invitations

Well, It all started with a quote: ” a girl should be two things: classy & fabulous.” – Coco Chanel

I knew I wanted something classy and fabulous for these Chanel invitations.  These invitations were for my sister Cassie’s 21st Lunch/brunch at my house. I made the invitation a side fold card instead of a flat card. It needed some drama.  I have never seen a Chanel Inspired Invitation quite like this. It’s kind of fancy, but not over the top. It’s just right.


The front of the card has the Chanel Logo which worked out beyond perfect because my sister’s name starts with C. We added the large rhinestone to the front to give a sense of grand. My favorite detail on the invitation is the famous Chanel quilt pattern.

Chanel Invitations

The inside left of the invitation I continued with the Chanel / Cassie logo. I kept it simple with the smaller rhinestone in the middle. The right side of the invitation is where all the party details are. I kept with the Chanel inspired font except for the name. I wanted it to stand out.


I only used two fonts for this invitation which adds to the simple feel.


On the back, I had to add the quote that inspired it all! I feel it really adds to the personalized feel of this invitation.

The photo shoot: to showcase this invitation, I wanted simple, but I wanted to give a very feminine feel. I added the white rose , Chanel perfume, pearls and the champagne sequence to give a feel of luxe. I believe I accomplished the feel I wanted with this shoot. It is VERY classy  and Very fabulous. This invitation really set the tone for the party which will be showcased in Wednesday’s post. Get ready. It’s going to be pretty fabulous!

What do you think about our Chanel inspired invitation?   

Photo credit: Ohhoneyevents

If you are interested in having these invitations at your next event, please email me at I would love to create these for you!



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