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It’s official we have decided to change our name. It was probably the scariest decision to have to make. I wasn’t sure if people would get the new name. I also wanted to be sure that I was in love with the name because I don’t want to ever go through another name change ever again. However, the name change was very necessary. I heart what we had with Jewelbox Creative Studios; however, we outgrew it. It just doesn’t work for the kind of brand we are trying to build.


There were many reasons why we decided to make the change ;however, three reasons in particular really convinced us that the name change was essential to the growth of our business. One, the name was a bit boring and one thing we are not is boring.  It didn’t have much personality which is a problem because we have a whole lot of personality. Second, It was extremely too long and a nightmare to fully type out or say. I never typed out the website address. I have it bookmark, so I would just click the link, or I would go through my Face book to get to our website. I can only imagine how that affected our clients or potential clients.  Third and most important, the name didn’t say anything about what we actually do. It said something about a jewelbox and something about being creative and we probably did it in a studio. It doesn’t really work. We want potential clients to know what we offer just by seeing our name!Our new name workouts perfectly :  Oh Honey! Events & Invitations.

Oh Honey! Etsy banner9

We also had to change our Etsy shop name too because it no long went with the brand. The Etsy shop’s new name is Oh Honey Shop. I think it’s super cute. I kind of wish I would have spelled Shop Shoppe, but no more name changes! I love Shop just the way it is.

I will forever miss Jewelbox Creative Studios and Jewelboxink. I’m actually really having a problem getting rid Jewelboxink. It was my first love. However, it has to go. I’m fully letting go of “the Jewelbox”. I’m in full swing of re branding with Oh Honey! Events & Invitations and Oh Honey Shop.

What was I looking for in a new name? Well, to make a really long story short. I wanted a name that was vintage, fun, classic, cute, and clever. I consider myself every one of those adjectives. Also, I wanted the name to have personality, but not be over the top.  I wanted the name to reflect me and my style because at the end of the day, the company is a reflection of its owner in some way, and a lot of the companies that I admire infused their style into their companies which makes their companies an extension of them. At least to me that makes really good branding because It gives people an idea about you before you even meet them because they get a sense of who you are by the way you present your company to the world.

ohhoney blog logo

How we chose Oh Honey? Me and Sr.  were brainstorming, and then he said what about Honey Events? I looked at him and said I don’t know about that. I liked Honey, but something was missing , so I said, what about Hello Honey Events? I looked it up and somebody had already had an event company named Hello Honey Events, and it’s located down here in Louisiana. Heartbroken, so I said what about Oh Honey Events.  The name  Oh Honey was me all the way. I always call my son my honey. It was just  an instant connection between me & my husband. He said, “I love it” and that was that. We added the Invitations because we do invitations too.. :-)

And you know how I know this name is “The One’  because every time I see the name, it makes me smile. I hope it makes you smile too when you see it.  We are now Oh Honey!  Events & Invitations and  Oh Honey Shop.

Oh yeah, when I was researching the name to see who else had it, I came across this old song circa  1978 by  Delegation called Oh honey! This song means everything to me. It’s so sweet. Check it out:

Oh Honey By Delegation

IMG_1990.CR2I’m so excited for the relaunch of this blog!   Tell Us what you think about all the new changes especially the new name !  :-)

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