Project Pantry in Full Effect

Happy Friday!!! :)

Project pantry is in FULL swing. & I am so happy.. :) 
Now, yesterday, I posted these beautiful pictures of our Dinning Area check that out here..
Before: Lovely, I must say myself. lol
 but be very afraid of what it looks like now! lol I literally started this mess right after I finished taking those pictures..
Horrible right??? lmao
Well, we are working on project pantry.. So I had to clean it out to patch up the wall and paint, so we can work on the shelves.. 
Onto to Project Pantry….
 Pantry befores:
Not too shabby right??
Well, I can’t STAND those wire shelves. The previous owners put them up pretty badly which is why this happen:
More about that here

 The wire shelves are gone, and they will be replaced with wood! YAY!! :) Are you wonder what we are doing with the wire shelves? Well, we are selling them on Craigslist! Check them out here if you or you know someone who wants them! Just because I don’t like them doesn’t mean somebody else won’t. Right?? ha But if these wonderful shelves don’t sell, then we will put them up in our garage… Yeah, we are really big on recycling , so we will not send these to a waste land.. We will find use for them some where in casa Cheathams.

I want to replace this, but practical Sr. is not feeling that . I would like something maybe not so practical, but that will look amazing!! Who will win this battle? stay tuned. I have a good idea who will win.. ha
Can we say I had a busy busy week???  I got a lot completed & started like all of those big projects ( some I haven’t even posted yet) like dinning room chairs, completed dinning area, & started project pantry, plus a whole BUNCH of small projects like Spring wreath, Chalkboard labels, Peter , organzing files on computer, and I did a lot of  blogging, household chores and shopping. Plus, I got a good bit ( depends on what you call a good bit) of my Spring cleaning done ( which should have been done, but c’mon I’m on only human or am I?? LOL) …And people think housewives do nothing all day.
 I did all of this with a not soo interested crying soon to be 5 month year oldYep, I think I’m superwoman..
This weekend
Not only will we be working on Project Pantry, we will have to do lawn work…. When will we sleep?? lol
Can we get a baby sitter?? :)
 What project will you be tackling this weekend??
 Have you already got a pantry completed that you would like to share???
If no project, then how will you be spend your weekend??

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  1. The Hopeless Romantic says:

    U never cease to make me laugh. Im so sorry ur pantry is fallin apart, lol. But looks like ur well on the way to making it look so much better. I cant wait to see it when u finish. U are way ahead of me on this one. I need to do so much in the kitchen. But thats still awhile away…. Keep us updated…………Bonnie

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