Dinning Area done?

I am pretty happy with our dining room  area right now. I think Sr. is too. We don’t have a dedicated dinning room, so we had to be creative with the space so that it could be functional for everyday use, but still be “stylish”. Our home has a very rustic feel to it. There is a lot of stone & wood work in and around our home. I love romantic design. I like whites, vases & flowers. Sr. likes browns and natural wood. We also like outside in, so we have a lot of plants and flowers in our home most of the time.  I guess our style is rustic , romantic, and gardeny ( I doubt if that’s a word, but hey it’s my post lol) which is the perfect mix of us. Yep, we are pretty eclectic people. Why should we have to choose?

(ha, how I dare I post this picture.. I need to touch up paint.. I am about to go get my paint brush as I am typing.. lol) Real life!

**This is still in progress, but it will work for now.  Also, the colors are very Spring! :)

What do you think about our dinning area?


  1. The Hopeless Romantic says:

    Uve finished the chairs already! ? Girl, u work fast! I love ur Dining room. I think the white chairs go perfectly with the wood table. The paint color is very serene,and the white curtains make a nice contrast with the walls. The flowers add that “just right” little punch of color that the room needs. Ya know, it has abit of a “frenchy” feel too……..great job Valencia!

  2. FAYErydust says:

    I remember our old house with those chairs It's like the homes here in our province. Woa!

    Btw, Butterfly effects movies have a lot of parts .. You have to watch it. I'm sure you'll cry every part. =)

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