I am on a mission to digitally organizing our life! :) I got inspired by iheartorganizing! She organized her pictures, SO I decided to take it one step farther! I am going to organize our computer files. So over the next couple of  weeks, I will be digitally organizing our life. You should join me.
 Here’s the list:
  1. Pictures
  2. Videos
  3. Documents
  4. Music
  5. Email
  6. Favorite’s List.
  7. Calender
Last weekend I sent SEVERAL hours organizing our digital photos & I am not even finished yet. I still need to delete duplications and excess. However, I am feeling good about our progress. I organized our photos by year and created some by subject like blog ideas, home ( pictures of all the rooms in Our house before & after pictures), food, graphics.etc.. 
Within the year folders, I broke them down by month. For the name, I put a lot of details in it because I wanted to make sure I made it easy for us to find when need be .
Within the month folders, I broke them down into events & so fourth.
Then I deleted duplicates & renamed them like first Christmas 1.
That completes pictures organization.
Do you have a different method on organizing pictures?


  1. The Hopeless Romantic says:

    I HAD to this not that long ago. When i started blogging, i couldnt find a thing. Im constantly taking pics, now i put them in folders with labels, instead of having them scattered all around the computer………..Bonnie

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